125 Good Questions to Ask a Girl You like

Best Questions to Ask a Girl that You Like over Text and on a Date

Do you have a date lining up or did you match with a hot girl on Tinder or any other online dating app? Perhaps you have got even her number, but now you are not sure what cool questions to ask a girl over text? Are you wondering what are the best questions to ask a girl on a date?

We got you covered with more than 125 interesting questions you can ask a girl that you like, be it over text, on a date or just to spark up the conversation a bit.

Interesting & Good Questions to Ask a Girl

Are you a guy who wants to get involved in a nice conversation with a girl?

Or are you that kind of guy who was too shy to talk with the girl he likes?

As a guy myself, I know that it was a very difficult situation for us to start a conversation with a girl. Especially when you like that girl, your nerves will even wreck you just by trying to say hi. Well, that is the reason why some people did not even have the chance of getting to know each other.

Perhaps the best way to start a conversation is by nailing the right questions. Questions that will make you look interesting for a girl. Girls are not into guys who are too boring to talk with, they want guys who will make them laugh and feel the fun of a conversation. If you are a guy with a good sense of humor, that’s a plus for you.

Instead of you guys being dumped immediately by any girl, its time now to dump those dork and shy mentality. Think of questions that will trigger deep and memorable conversations. You should also be that man who knows the limitation of asking some questions. Always be respectful too, this will give them the impression that you are a good guy with pure and genuine intentions.

Well, here are some good and interesting questions to ask a girl to have an excellent conversation over text or on a date.

Good questions to ask a girl to get to know her

Good questions when getting to know each other

There are some instances wherein we fell in love in first sight into a girl. The first thing we would like to make then will be by knowing each other. It will not hurt us by asking questions that will give you the chance of talking to her.

You will also be able to have the chance of knowing what she loves and what she hates. The following set of questions will be an excellent help to get both of you to know each other.

1. What was the biggest fear that you have?

2. What are the characteristics of your ideal man?

3. Do you have any unforgettable childhood experience?

4. What was your childhood dream?

5. What will make you love a person?

6. You are listening to what kind of music?

7. What is your favorite academic subject?

8. Do you prefer a small or big circle of friends?

9. Do you want to be left alone or to be comforted by someone whenever you are lonely?

10. Do you have a best friend?

11. What foods do you enjoy?

12. Are you into politics?

13. Have you been to a relationship?

14. Where will you enjoy living? In the countryside or in the city?

15. What movie will make you watch it over and over again?

16. Are you into funny guys?

17. Are you happy living in the present?

18. Would you rather be the one to the left or the one to be left behind?

19. Is there something you regret not doing in the past?

20. What was the most embarrassing moment of your life?

21. Which do you prefer? Cats or dogs?

22. Do you want to travel in a boat or on a plane?

23. What is happiness to you?

24. Do you consider loving a man who cries?

25. What is your philosophy in life?

26. What was that one thing that you can consider yourself as the best?

27. What will you pursue? Your parents choice or your own choice?

28. A baby sister or a baby brother?

29. Was there an experience in your life that will never happen again?

30. What is your most unusual experience?

31. Who knows you the most as a person?

32. Are you close with your family especially to your parents?

33. Is there a guy who already confessed their feelings about you?

34. What will be your quickest response if someone told you that they hate you?

35. Do you have something that you treasure a lot?

36. What was the most important thing in your possession?

37. If you have the chance to get anything you will wish for, what will you wish?

38. Are you willing to sacrifice for someone you love?

39. Is there a song that you can really relate to yourself?

40. What was the best thing you have ever achieved or accomplished?

41. Do you rather cry to someone else or cry by yourself?

42. What will you enjoy dancing and singing?

43. Do you consider your parents as your role models?

44. What do you believe to be the first impression to you by others?

45. What is your favorite food?

That is a bunch of questions you can choose from whenever you are trying to get to know her. These questions don’t look hard to say right? All are you going to do is to decide what questions to ask and you are good to go.

Humorous and Funny Questions to Ask Her

There are also some instances wherein girls stick on some guys who can make them laugh out loud with their conversations. Girls tend to like guys who are not boring for most occasions. Women LOVE humour. Another friendly advice, it will be better for us guys to ask funny questions once we know a little information about the girl. Although it is not a bad idea to ask a few funny questions if you are going to know each other. Enjoy reading my list of funny questions.

1. Have you been called with a crazy funny nickname?

2. If you are a food, what will it be?

3. If you were to choose a superpower, what will you choose between being invisible and being able to fly?

4. If you have anything you want, can you please ask to have me?

5. Are you also that sister who thinks that their siblings are as ugly as a monkey?

6. Would you date someone significantly older or younger than you?

7. As a kid, did you play with barbie or boy toys?

8. Will you slap someone for $ 10,000?

9. Do you agree with being funny as the new sexy?

10. You rather watch Simpsons or the Family Guy?

11. How would you tell someone that there is huge dirt at their bottom?

12. What will you choose? To live without internet or to live with someone you hate the most?

13. Have you ever tried listening to someone’s conversation accidentally?

14. Who is sexier for you, a bald guy or a fat guy?

15. Have you ever tried faking an illness to absent from school?

16. What are the very unusual things that you like?

17. As a kid, have you ever tried balancing the light switch between on and off?

18. If you are a Disney princess, who would it be?

19. Do you believe that I am sexier that Johnny Depp?

20. Have you ever tried laughing so hard that you even fart unexpectedly?

For sure all these questions can help you now to add some funny stuff with your conversations. Funny and humorous topics will always be a good thing when talking with someone you really wanted to. Based on my own experience, girls will always love to talk to someone who made them laugh all the time. They also tend to be attracted to them most of the time without noticing it. Making them cry from laughing instead of hurting them seems a good idea right?

Deep and Personal Questions That You Can Ask a Girl

Once you are both comfortable talking to each other it means that there is already some kind of trust between you and the girl. There will also be some instances that the conversation will get a bit serious, but it will be a very important chance for you to ask some questions that fit the situation.

Asking this kind of questions will also help you know her inside and out. You will be able to know a few things she shares with selected people if you will be lucky enough. Always remember that girls are very careful keeping some secrets with themselves, once they shared something to you believe me that they trust you. You better be careful with this trust, it will be a trouble to get it back when you mistakenly broke it.

It is important to ask a personal question at the right time, do not be hasty. Waiting patiently for the right time is the key to harvesting the most fruitful answers that you are seeking. Try choosing from the following questions below.

1. Have you ever been to a date that you wish did not happen?

2. Are you willing to sacrifice everything to prove your love to someone?

3. Is there something that caused a hindrance to you?

4. Is there something that you would not allow someone to know about you?

5. What are the best adjectives to describe yourself?

6. Do you think that there is already a destiny that awaits you?

7. You want people to remember you for what thing?

8. If you will be able to rule the people, do you think you can improve the lives of everyone?

9. What makes you inspired in doing anything?

10. What is more important to you? Your own happiness or happiness of others?

11. What are the best and worst things about you?

12. If you will know when you will die, are you going to try to stop it or are you going to happily embrace your fate?

13. What do you think about your purpose in living?

14. Is it fine to you being compared to someone?

15. Do you think money can buy the happiness of many people?

16. What topic will keep you up for a late night conversation?

17. Who do you look up as a kid up until now?

18. What was the most common impression you give to a stranger?

19. What was your most horrible experience?

20. Are you proud of being part of your family?

21. What was that thing that you always need to do before the end of the day?

22. Are you willing to tell a lot of people a lot just to save someone?

23. In all honesty, do you find physical appearance as the trigger of attraction?

24. If you are going to love someone, are you willing to give up even your love to yourself?

25. Do you think all people deserve to be equal in all aspects?

Different people have different perspectives, the same with women. You might not be able to get answers all the time, and you should respect that. It may be difficult, but you should always respect and understand why you can not have the answers for now. There could be a lot of reasons for them. Remember that a conversation is not only about asking each other, its all about listening to each other too.

interesting questions to ask a girl over text

Interesting Questions to ask a Girl over Text.

Text messaging eliminates the use of other senses during communication. The receiver does not get to hear the tone of your voice, the expression on your face or see your body language. Therefore, asking a question can be a tricky business. You need to be cautious about what your potential date will read on her screen. Always remember that, the number 1 goal while texting with a girl is to get her on a date. Interesting questions you can ask her are:

  • Would you like to go with me to…?

Women appreciate honesty more than anything. So be sincere and honest and ask her if she would consider going out with you to a game, a concert or anything that you know she will have a hard time turning down.

  • What was the most exciting thing about your day?

Asking this question creates a situation which allows her to talk about an incident that piqued her curiosity. You get a glimpse of what interests her, and it gives you an idea about the kind of person she might be. It is a better question, as opposed to asking, “how was your day?”

  • In what trouble are you usually getting on weekends?

Asking a girl what she’s doing this weekend will only get you the answer for that weekend. On the other hand, asking her an open-ended and generalized question like this will make her talk about what she enjoys doing. You get to know about her passions, and this will come in handy the next time you plan to take her out.

  • What is your favorite place in the city?

She could be from another state or grew up in the city she currently lives. But everyone has a particular spot, a park or a café that appeals to their senses and keeps going back to it. Asking her about her favorite place in the city is not only a great conversation topic, but you get the next date covered.

  • Why do you like what you do?

This question might seem ridiculous, but it is a sincere question about an essential aspect of her life. Depending on the situation, it could be about her work, her passions but it portrays genuine interest in her affairs.

interesting questions to ask a girl on a date

Interesting Questions to ask a Girl on a Date.

  • How was your childhood?

You also get to know about her background and family and where she comes from. It gives you a better view and understanding of her life.

  • What was the craziest thing you have done in your life / this week/ this Year?

This question leaves room open for possibilities especially if your date likes to travel and is into exotic experiences, some girls will also start talking about their craziest sexual experiences, however I do not consider this a sexual questions.

  • What do you do to relax?

Everyone has different ways of relaxation and stress management. You don’t have to ask if she ever gets stressed or not. Asking her a question like the one above makes her talk about her lifestyle. It could be meditation, exercise, music, but you get to know more about her, which is perfect for you.

  • Do you see yourself in the same office after three years?

Woman or a man, asking a question like, “what are your plans for the future?” can sound invasive and interview like. Offending your date is not in your interests. An indirect question like the one above is infused with curiosity but is subtle. When you approach her like that, she’s more likely to talk about her plans in the future and what she’s looking for in a job and a partner. It reflects the level of your interests in her and her life, and that can be very flattering to a woman.

  • Who or what is one thing you cannot imagine living without?

It sounds like a game question, but it’s an excellent way to ask about her values. Asking her a question like this not only expresses your eagerness to know more about her personal life but it sets you apart from other potential dates.

Unlike chatting, somewhat remotely over text messages, when you’re on a date, it puts you in a privileged position for better conversation. You get to employ your body language and vocal tones to emphasize the verbal transaction. Use your surroundings and the situation to your advantage to make the date memorable for her. Women never forget a good date, whether you get together or not. Show concern when she’s flustered, make eye contact, use gestures; your actions will speak volumes. As you settle into the date, food has arrived, and you’re both getting comfortable with each other, there are interesting questions you can ask her to make it more unforgettable. The most important thing is to be in the moment, and she will serve you as a guide with her expressions and body language. You need to look closely.

Flirty and Romantic Questions to ask your Girlfriend

Is it a beautiful scene to watch when a guy and a girl tend to like each other. When love finally emerges between them that fortifies their bond, wherein love is something you can feel yet you can not describe in the simplest way. You know it is romantic once you see that someone is willing to share what they have from what you have given them.

It will be the best feeling for a guy once a girl is able to appreciate you, being romantic is not that easy but is not that hard also. Sometimes, you can let her feel by asking some fruitful questions that will puzzle her mind. And then paired with genuine feelings that a girl could feel. You do not need to sugar coat everything as being romantic only need true feelings and intentions.

1. Do you imagine yourself with someone in the future?

2. Is there something you want me to do just to make you feel romantic?

3. Is there something that always makes you think of me?

4. When did you realize that you already fall in love with me?

5. Did you ever think that we can end up in a romantic relationship when we first met?

6. Is it romantic to find yourself together with me in your wedding dress?

7. Are you happy to be in love with me?

8. Do you know what I like to you the most?

9. What will be our romantic theme song?

10. Do you find a passionate kiss romantic over a tight long hug?

11. Will, you sat down and watch the sunset with me while I am holding your hands?

12. Do you think that we are destined to each another?

13. Will you still love me if I am not myself right now?

14. Did you know that meeting you is the greatest gift that I ever received?

15. Did you know that I always wish of having you in my dream before I sleep?

How to Ask a Girl Naughty and Sexy Questions

There are also situations where you can ask naughty kinds of stuff without being assessed as a pervert. Well, being close to each other sometimes lead you to this kind of conversations will a bit of dirty humor. Just do not overdo it and I am sure it will not go wrong.

1. What is your favorite part of your body to be kissed?

2. What was your craziest sexual experience in all of your life?

3. Do you see yourself making love not just in bed, but rahter in exotic places?

4. Have you tried biting someone while kissing them?

5. Do you think of something unusual when we are in the same room for a night?

6. If you are asked what to do in a bed except for sleeping and resting, what would it be?

7. What is your favourite body part on a man?

8. Do you love cuddling or sleeping immediately after making beautiful love?

9. With how many guys did you sleep?

10. Do you have any weird sexual fantasies?

Questions You Shouln´t Ask a Girl

You know now, which are the best questions to ask a girl you like over the phone, during a date, even after the date.

But do you know that there are questions you should not ask a girl?

  • As a short guy, don´t ask her about her height
  • Don´t ask too naughty questions as this might turn her off
  • Boring questions
  • Do you think I´m hot?
  • What do you want to do? (A man should lead)
  • How much do you weight? (chubby girls don´t like to be asked about their weight like short guys don´t like to be asked about their height)


That were a lot of questions that you can choose from. There is no need to use them exactly on where they are categorized, if you feel using one of them it will always be up to you.

At the end of the day, the most important thing is that you are able to engage in a conversation with someone you like. The first time would really seem nerve-wracking, but shake it off and show that you are the man. As the man, it is the usual thing to do the first move in approaching a woman and also lead the conversation.

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