Alpha Male Characteristics and Traits

Everyone can become an alpha male. But do you even know what a true alpha is? Most people do not understand what traits and characteristics and alpha does have.

So what is an alpha male? And what does Alpha even mean? And most importantly: how to become an alpha male ?

Alpha male traits based on animal studies and researchGorilla Alpha Male

  • Assertive
  • Dominant
  • Leaders
  • Protective instinct
  • Courageous
  • Strong (Physically)

Here is a really MUST WATCH alpha male documentary:

Alpha Definition

Definition by Wikipedia here

My definition: An alpha male is a confident, assertive, fit, active, well dressed guy, who, treats everyone with respect who respects him. Is not afraid of being different, express his opinion and is not afraid to protect his love ones.

IMPORTANT! An alpha male never disrespects someone for no reason or makes fun of other people. Strong people always lift other people up and never put them down!!

Alpha male vs beta male

What is a beta male?

Definition by Wikipedia here

Basically a beta male is referred in the manosphere as a loser.

You want to be alpha not beta. You have to be an alpha male!

 Alpha Male Characteristics and Traits

What Are Typical Alpha Male Characteristics And Traits?

Alpha Confidence

What is confidence anyway? It is pretty hard to explain right?

Having confidence mean you are believing in yourself and you know what you are doing

Alpha males are confident; they are self-assured and they believe in themselves at all times

No second guessing, if you second guess yourself you lost already.

If they fail, they fail. No big deal! Just try again.

A real Alpha does not just give up because he failed the first time, it is pretty normal to fail. In fact, you will fail more than you win in most situations, get used to it and embrace it. But the winnings will make up for the failures

Do you know the saying: “A winner is just a loser who did not quit”
As soon you quit you lost!

Confidence means also not being afraid to take some risks. The average Joe won´t take risks a real alpha however will. They actually like to take risks. Life becomes boring without taking risks!

Have you seen a real alpha being afraid? Have you ever seen an alpha male with a bad body language?

If you would ask what do I have to do on a date to get the girl?
– Most people will say you have to be confident

How do I get the dream Job I want so much?
– Be confident


But how can I get more confident?

Learn Alpha Body Language

Alpha Male Body Language

Alpha Male Body Language

They have a confident Body Language and great posture!

Alpha males express confidence through their body language, voice and knowledge

The way they stand – stand tall and straight. Chest up, Chin up (similiar you saw in the documentary above)

The way they sit – Sit like a you own the room

The way they walk – Walk slowly with a purpose. It does not look alpha if you run, like you are in rush or like you are running away from something, you might look weak.

The way they look – Smile if you want to but make sure people take you serious. Never look down on the floor like you are shy or are afraid
Don´t look up like you are flying in a different world.
Never lose an eye starring battle! If someone looks you in the eyes, you lock eye contact and you do not look away (not up not down not to the side) you look them right in the eyes until they look away!!!

The way they carry themselves – Don´t sloush, be pride

Alphas dress to impress

Always Dress Sharp

The way they shake hands – You MUST have a strong hand shake, not only a firm hand shake but a strong one. It shows strenght, power and the one you shook hand with will see you as more powerful.

They Have Presence
If an alpha is in a room everyone notices it. Size matters (funny coming from a guy who is only 5´1) However I do not mean it in terms as how tall and big you are ( You can be the short alpha) but whether you are charismatic, knowledgeable and show that you are in the room, in the moment, again body language, how you talk and where you position yourself. Don´t hide in the corner. If you have something to say, say it. Loud and clear! Take your space, as you saw in a documentary taking your space is an alpha trait. They simply have an alpha body language and expression

Alpha body language deserves its own topic and post

Alpha Male Traits and Characteristics – Alpha Male Personality

Dominant and Assertive

Alphas take control, they are concise and dominant, especially with women. An Alpha does not have to beat around

Strong Alpha Malethe bush, they are direct. If they don´t like something they say so. If they like a woman they say it, they go for it!

They are Strong, Healthy and Powerful

Alphas are physically active, lift heavy weights, do martial arts, climb…. Physical activities are very important for a healthy lifestyle and a great body. And a great body is important for a great alpha soul
So is eating clean and healthy. Food is fuel for your body and soul
Remember: You are not only what you eat but also what your food ate!
If the steak you are eating ate only shit, you are eating basically shit

Alpha lifestyle

The lifestyle of an alpha is simple, exciting and adventures. Alphas travel a lot, seen plenty of countries. They have Active Alpha Man Lifestylemanly hobbies, a hot girlfriend or some female friends to play with. Alphas have alpha friends.

Manly hobbies are for example: Martial arts, climbing, riding motorbike or driving fast cars, motocross, traveling the world,

Seek adventures!

An alpha male is always dressed sharp! No need to be a fashionista (most of them are extremely feminine anyway) But always dress well. Don’t dress like a pussy or clown. Nobody respects clowns or extremely feminine guys. You cannot do much about your height, voice or some other things, but you can certainly be manly!

Style is important and we will talk more about it in other articles

Calm Under Pressure

An alpha keeps always calm even under pressure. Alphas show no fear, even if they are afraid. You can have fear, fear is necessary if it is a justified fear (e.g.: getting attacked by a bear). But to show you fear something will not make it better, it will make it worse. Even if you are freaking out on the inside, you should always look calmed and confident on the outside.
You should never have unjustified fear (e.g.: talking to a woman).

Alphas do not react to bullshit and they don´t get emotional fast for no reason.

Emotionally Strong!

Women will often test you, it is also often called “shit tests”. They are doing  it to test your Emotional Strength. If you you respond to this test weak, you fail. You have to respond like a man showing you that you have not only physical strength but also emotional. Guys will test you as well, in order to see how far they can go, it is important that you stay strong emotionally, they pick on you, you pick back. If you show signs of weakness other guys (even the betas) will start eventually to pick on you too.

Alphas Are Charismatic and They Get Girls

While other men are just looking at women without taking action and just having millions of excuses not talk to a woman, the alpha male gets the girl. He has the balls to talk to any beautiful woman, anywhere anytime.Alpha Male Gets The Girl

They understand that women like to be approached by dominant men however they also understand that not every woman is available. If an alpha does not get the girl, he simply talks to another one. A “no” from a woman does not mean anything. There are plenty of women who want to meet an alpha.

They are not afraid of competition, alphas enjoy competition, however they don’t need to proof something to anyone

Real men are not afraid to get physical and dirty. Every man should know how to defend himself and protect his family. Especially short guys should learn martial arts! It is actually a must!

Knowing how to kick someone’s ass will make you more confident! It will make you a better man; you will have better body language…

Learn how to treat a women and what questions to ask a girl on a date or over text

Alpha males can say “No”

This separates an alpha from other guys. He is able to say no if you he wants. He doesn’t need to be everyone’s friend and please everyone.

No need for external validation or approval from others.
The average guy needs validation and approval from other people, you as an alpha not!

The alpha guy makes his own rules and lives by them. An alpha male does what he wants and what makes him happy. Being happy is what matters in life!

He does not complain about things that cannot be changed anyway.

The alpha male avoids gossip! Gossip is for pussies!! Talking behind someone’s back is not an alpha trait!

Alpha Males in Movies

Daniel Craig James Bond

For me the best example of an alpha male in a movie is “James Bond” Casino Royale (Daniel Craig)

  • He is Confident, assertive, courages
  • Has perfect Body Language and a fit body, suited up
  • Badass lifestyle, gets the girl(s)
  • Knows how to defend himself and protect others (kicks ass)
  • Knowledgeable … and the list goes on

Another example is George Clooney and Brad Pitt in Ocean´s Eleven.

What are Beta Male Traits?

Those are definitively traits to avoid. Basically, beta male is just a guy who is needy, insecure, does not respect himself, lets other people disrespect him, does not respect other people, unhappy, cannot say no, does not take care of himself and others.

What´s not Alpha

Bullying other people, disrespecting them, threatening them without a reason, is not alpha. Alphas are not assholes without a good reason. Plenty of people consider alphas as asshole or douchebags, but those are not alphas, they are literally just douchebags.

Can a Short Guy Be an Alpha?

Yes, even though in the animal kingdom size plays a huge role, in today´s world short guys can be alpha males as well. Size is still a factor but not as much as it used to be. It is important that if you are short, you possess the other alpha traits written in this article above.

You have to walk, talk and carry yourself like a real alpha male. Size is secondary nowadays. You don´t have to be a certain height to be a real man!

You can find out in this article: Does height matter

Conclusion: How to be an Alpha Male

It is not necessary that you posses all of the traits and characteristics of on alpha male listed above. If you are not big and tall, you still can walk, talk, look like an alpha and learn the body language, be dominant, be happy.

Don´t worry even if you do not posses a few of the above traits, after reading that article you can start your self improvement journey. Now you know what it takes to be an alpha man.

As I wrote above, you don´t need all traits, however one trait is a must and if you do not posses this trait, you won´t be able to be an alpha.

I am talking about to be able to protect and provide for your loved ones (family). A real man must protect and provide for his family. This is the main alpha characteristic which is absolutely necessary to have.

Worry not, most of the characteristics of an alpha male can be learned. You can learn how to be dominant, you can learn good body language, how to dress well and you can work out to become strong!!!

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