Best Online Dating Sites for Short Guys

As far as I know, there is not a single dating website dedicated to short men. This means, we have to find out which is the best dating website, using the normal dating apps or sites like Tinder, Lovoo, Badoo etc.

With that said, I have to say that online dating should not be your number one priority when it comes to meeting cute women. The best way to meet hot women is during the day! In real life! That is how alpha men meet women!

Why? No Catfishing, no Ghosting, not so much BS. You see the girl she knows whats up, you feel if she is nice or not. Meeting women during the day is so much better.

But that´s another topic we will dive into as well.

And it does not mean that online dating cannot yield some good results for us short guys. Infact I am getting laid (depending on effort) once a month from just Tinder and happn alone, sometimes more. Again, online dating is not my priority, I only do it when I am at my 9-5 job and I do not open the apps everyday. I totally understand that 1 new girl a month is not much, but this is without too much effort on my side, so perfectly fine for me. Anyway, so…

What are the best apps or dating sites for short men?

The short answer is: it depends on so many factors like location, age and what exactly you are looking for.

I will assume your are very open minded and you look for anything from hookup to relationship.

So for me as a very short guy myself the best dating sites and apps are:

  1. Tinder
Tinder the best dating site for short men

Yup, if I had to use only 1 app it would be Tinder. Because this is what is most used in the country I am based in and the following reasons stated below.

Why it is the best dating site for short guys:

✅ There are no real filters (except filtering for age and distance), so they cannot filter by height. And no mandatory fields to show it.

✅ Everyone is using it! Even your mom (just kidding), but seriously no matter where I go, there are more than enough girls on tinder.

✅ You can use it free (but Tinder Plus/Gold will give you more matches)

✅ Not as many fakes as in other apps.

✅ It is all about having some good pictures, which is easily doable. This will skyrocket your match count.

What I don´t like about Tinder:

❌ Getting banned without a real reason (people, even not matched with you can report your account)

❌ A lot of competition for us guys, women there get tons and tons of messages each day. This gives a lot of power to the girls.

❌ The worst thing: It can make you lazy, because it is so easy you might have less motivation to go out and meet girls in real life.

2. Happn

Happn best dating apps for short guys

Happn “find the people you crossed paths with”, yeah it shows you people who been like 250m within your distance. If you both hit like, you have a match and can chat.

Happn is actually quite good and has some quality girls there (depends on location) and it is good if you use the premium option, you can get a lot of matches. It has no filters for height or other appearances.

Why it is one of the best dating apps for short guys:

✅ Again as Tinder, pictures are king!

✅ No filters for height.

✅ So far I have not encountered any fakes or bots on this app.

✅ A lot of good looking women in this dating app (better quality than others)

What I don´t like about Happn:

❌ Is very expensive if you become a Premium user

❌ Not as many girls as in Tinder (thus, not as many matches)

3. Badoo

What is the best online dating site for short guys

Badoo has also a swipe to like feature, but it also has “show the girls near you” feature. Unlike Tinder and Happn, you do not have to match a girl to text her. If her inbox is not full, she is not new or to popular, you can text her.

I have a nice little hack for badoo to match and text more girls.

Why is it a good dating application for short men?

✅ No filters for height, not mandatory to enter your height.

✅ You can text girls even without a match.

✅ You can check out the local talent, because badoo lets you set your location in the filters (something happen and Tinder do not allow you)

✅ According to Badoo they have over 330M users and it is available in over 190 countries

What I don´t like about Badoo:

❌ A lot of hookers and some fakes.

❌ Lower quality of girls than in happn and tinder.

What about ohter dating sites for short men like okcupid or

Here is a list of dating sites and a reason not to bother with them:

Bumble: not enough women online there and women have to message you first. But the biggest issue for me, there are not enough women on bumble in my area.


okcupid: I have never tried okcupid, but after downloading it and trying to register, it asks a lot of questions and it is a hassle to register. It is very popular in the US, but not in my country. Also it looks like you have to show your height (which sucks) it should not be mandatory.

Plenty of Fish: A lot of fakes and bots, don´t bother with this one.

Lovoo is quite ok if you live western europe (a lot of fakes, bots and you can only text 1 girl a day if you did not match).

One app which I will give a try as soon I am going to travel to a bigger city is Feeld. It is an app for openminded people ;). It seems to be nice, but not enough users in my area.

Try some of these apps and see where you have the most matches and success. Always be testing!


If you have to use 1 app only, Tinder is probably the best. However, I recommend you to use all 3 I showed you above. Infact, you can use all sites and dating apps to maximize matches. But Tinder, Badoo and happn should be sufficient no matter where your location is, one of these dating apps will have plenty of girls.

Why I do not use many Desktop Dating Sites but rather apps?

Because, they show you the women in your area, not only in your City or Country, like most Traditional dating sites.

Remember: Time is one of the most valuable assets you have!

What is your favorite dating site?


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