Chubby Girls: Top 8 Reasons to Date Cute Chubby Women

In this blog post I will tell you why you should consider to date a nice chubby girl.

Just to avoid any confusion, I do not mean obese girls, bbw´s or sbbw´s, I literally mean just a bit above average fat girls maybe just thick girls. (See Pic below). I know that many of you don´t consider to date chubby girls, but let me at least give you some good ideas why you should give it a try.

I was not a fan myself until I b@nged some. 5 to be precise. After the first chubby girl, I gave some more a try.

And to be honest I am still not very much into big girls, but there were some things which I really liked, while I was with them.
As long they are feminine, fun, perfectly groomed and dressed. I´m fine with a bit of fat on the ladies, not too much though!

Hot Chubby Girl in Underwear

Top 8 Reasons to Date a Chubby Girl

8. They have Pretty Faces

For sure, a lot of guys noticed it, chubby girls often have very pretty faces. I noticed it a long time ago, but also recently me and my cousin discussed this topic. He said he likes a girl, she is a bit chubby but her face is so beautiful and that´s why he is into her. He is dating her for a couple months now.

7. Thick Girls have Big Boobies Big Booties

I like big boobs and I cannot lie, I also like nicely shaped booties. Maybe that is why I love Latinas. But yeah, bigger sized girls have often quite nice racks. 3 out of 5 had double D´s. See picture above, her butt was pretty ok as well, could be better shaped but still good.

He can say no to some big beautiful D´s?

6. Chubby Chicks have Great Humour

You can say basically anything and they will not get pissed as easily as hot girls. That is my personal experience, I laughed a lot with them and I didn´t have to hold myself back spitting out some really retarded jokes. With hot girls I am much more careful what I say. With a curvy girl though, there was no need to hold back the dirty nasty humour.

Ok, I have to say many hot girls I met, they had some good humour as well. However, I still feel like I have to be more careful with them, not to mess it up. And yes some girls no matter the size are just humour retarded.

5. Not every Man´s Cup of Tea

Chubby girls will not be approached by many guys, because not many are into them, unlike it is with hot girls. Yes even average girls are being approached quite a lot. Bigger girls however not so much

Everyone who ever had an above average looking girl knows how guys stare at your girl. It is so crazy trust, like a piece of the best steak (I am sure you know what I mean). However, when I was with a chubby girl (except the one in the pic, she got a lot of attention) it was a bit less.

Don´t get me wrong here. No matter how fat, ugly, dumb or whatever a girl is, they will always have man standing in line to them (not high quality looking man). Don´t think ever just because she is fat she is not getting some.

4. They Go the Extra Mile for You

Not only in bed, but also other areas of live they will try hard to make you happy. I know that it depends on the girl and not the size if she will be a good woman, however all the bigger girls I had, were very willing to do anything I wanted.

3. They make good Girlfriend Material

Yes, they are very good girlfriends, for the reasons above they will be very good girlfriends. The Curvy girls I had were very low maintenance and did not ask too much, they didn´t need lot luxury going out and so on, unlike the hot girls I had.

2. Easier to Talk to & Pick up

Everyone who talks to girls on regular basis knows that, the more attractive a girl is by society standarts the harder it is to talk to her. Evolution. However with chubby women I found it much easier to approach and also to take them home.

1. Chubby Girls are Amazing in Bed!

One of the craziest sex I had, was with a chubby girl. She was extremely naughty, a real pervert. She Wanted to do everything, from @nal, fisting and some more crazy stuff (I want go into more details here).

Also another friend who is reguraly picking up fat girls confirmed this. He says he is not even that much into them, but the sex is amazing, so he brings home most of the time chubby girls instead of skinny or average sized girls.

Do´s and Don´ts when Dating a Chubby Women

When you are going for a bigger sized women there a few things that you have to look out for. However this is my opinion and not a guideline.


  • Treat her like a normal Girl, like you would if you were to go out with hot girl. This means. Be alpha & dominant, lead her, B@ng her! After all, she is just a woman and this is what all women want.
  • Have a good time with her and do some activities. Just because she is chubby does not mean she does not like to have some fun


  • Don´t talk or even wores make fun about her size or weight, infact, you should never talk about this topic with any women. As like we short guys, women are always aware (some are insecure) about their size. Do her and yourself a favour and just don´t talk about
  • Don´t assume they eat a lot. Some of them do not even eat that much.

Ok, you might be confused that you cannot say this or that and not talk about certain topics with girls. If so, just check out some good questions to ask girls and you are good to go on a date.


So the conclusion here is, if you are attracted to chubby women, just go for them. It does not matter what other people or even your friends think.

Will your friends make jokes about? Yes, most likely, but that doesn´t matter. Nothig should keep you from getting the girls you like. As I wrote the chubbier chicks I was dating were extremely nice, very well groomed. None of them was the stereotype of big girls: Fat, stinky, loud and a personality like a brick.

I would never settle for a chubby girl who is blousy, unkempt and without a good personality. What I am saying is: You should not settle for a girl you don´t find attractive, this goes especially for my short guys out there. I repeat do not settle for unattractive women with a shitty personality.

And most importantly, I do not endorse Fat women. For women and men goes the same thing, be the best verison of yourself.

Chubby Girls Pics and Instagram

Here are some Instagram accounts of hot chubby girls. Those I would definitely d.. date. They look nice and as I wrote, for example Lilli Luxe has a very cute face.

Lilli Luxe

Olyria Roy

Shannen Belle

Angelica Maria

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Would you Date a very curvy or Chubby Girl if she was cute and had a great personality?

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