Does Height Matter? Must Read For Short Men!

Does Height really Matter? Short Guy

If you are a short guy as I am (5´1,5), you are probably wondering whether or not height matters in a relationship, in love, in online dating or even in business?

Let me answer you this question very quickly and honestly.

It does matter! However, how much it matters is entirely up to you. The best thing you can do is to ignore or forget about your height completely. (After you became an alpha male, the best version of yourself and maxed out your looks potential). There is nothing you can do about it anyway!

I am not going to list any statistics which tell you that taller people earn more money or getting more dates or anyhting like that, I am going to write my own experience. Trust me, if someone knows, whether or not height matters it is me.

Guess who was the shortest guy all of his life? Yes, me! But regardless…

Most of the time it doesn´t even matter how tall you are and it is all in your head. In these certain cases, stop focusing on height at all!

We will dive into where height might matter to a certain degree and where it absolutely doesn´t matter at all!

According to studies and if you listen to many many people it seriously does matter a lot. Like really A LOT!

I tell you, they are wrong, it matters just sometimes and even then, just to a certain degree!

When & Where Does Height Matter?

Does Height Matter in Marriage, relationship or Love?

Does height matter in a relationship and in Love?

No it does not matter, since you are in a relationship already, your partner has obviously no issues with your height!

Why should it all of sudden matter? This is one of the cases where you should completely forget about your height, or height issues.

Do yourself a favour! I have seen many guys ruin some nice relationships (me included) just because of their own insecurities. The girl never cared about it but the guy was so obsessed and in his head always thought that secretly it does bother the woman that he is short or shorter than her. Do not be this guy! Forget about your height when you are in a relationship!

Same goes for marriage. Height does not and should not matter in marriage.

I wonder what Meghan has to offer besides her body

Does height matter in online dating?

To your surprise, height doesn´t matter in online dating. I know that you will see a lot of profiles from women demanding a 6 Feet tall guy, like the profile above in the picture. Look, I also want to date Ana de Armas, if I end up on a tinder date and the girl does not look like Ana, but she is cute, nice and fun, I won´t say no to her. I hope you get the point. People demand and say a lot, but quite often they end up doing the opposite thing. Never take words too serious, especially from women.

I suggest you don´t put your height into your bio or online dating profile. After lots and lots of testing myself, I can tell you that you will get better results not stating (nor talking about) your height.

Wherever you see a girl is demanding a tall dude, just swipe left. I don´t waste time on them.

So, it does not matter. However….

Does Height Matter to Women? Can short guys attract women

Does height matter to women and can short guys be attractive to girls?

Yes women care about height, it matters when it comes to attracting women.

Why do women even care about height?

It is in their primal instincts, that taller guys can protect and provide better. I hear you saying, but the caveman times are over 1000 years ago. But they still care. Yeah we still have the biological cavemen in us. Additionally Hollywood movies spoiled women with the “Model Type” guy.

But contrary to most belief you don´t have to be 6feet tall to attract women.

If you are just an inch or 2 below average height, forget and don´t worry about your height ever again. Since you will be taller than the most women and that is basically what you need, to be same height or taller than them.

If you are as short as me, very close to 5 Ft, it will be a huge disadvantage, but not impossible to get some hot girls. Trust me on this, you just have to learn how to talk to women plus some other things, which can be learned though.

On average, I b@ng 2 women a month, depending on how much effort I put in and if I use online dating as well or just cold approaching during the day (talking to girls on the street or supermarket etc.). Obviously in some months I am more busy than others. And I also understand that, for some guys out there 2 women a month is not much, but I am pretty happy with that and pretty sure a lot of guys will be more than happy to have 2 new girls a month.

When I am travelling, the numbers goes up significantly. More on this in other posts though. I just wanted to make a point that, if you look the best you can and know what you are doing, it is definitely possible to attract women even as a short guy!

So, if you questions is “does height matter to women”, than the answer is yes. If you questions is can you get laid as a very short guy, the answer is yes as well.

You can also check here some Taller Women Dating Shorter Guys

What Role Plays Height in Business

Does height matter in business or getting a better paid job?

No, it doesn´t matter how tall you are in business. There are some statistics stating that taller men get a higher salary. But in my honest opinion, they don´t get a higher salary because they are taller, but because they are more likely to be more confident!

What does that mean for you? Exactly. Get more confident!

Demand the salary you deserve with regards to your skills and value, not your height.

I know know, the avarge CEO is 6 feet tall and bla bla bla. Look, there are many short CEO´s and other short famous people who are successfull despite of their size. I get an above avarge salary for my current position, because I negotiated and didn´t let my size hinder me from getting what I want. Now go out and get what you want and what you deserve.

Value is what really matters in Business.

Shorter guy fighting taller guy

Does height matter in a Fight?

In professional fighting, there are weight classes, but still it is not unlikely to see opponents with a huge height difference. In such fights, height matters much less, what matters in professional fights is experience and skills of the professional fighter.

Street fights on the other hand, are a completely different thing, in a street fight height matters a lot. A taller guy has a big advantage over the shorter guy if both are unskilled fighters. For that reason I highly recommend you to learn how to fight and here you can find the best martial arts for street fighting you should practice as a short guy

A taller guy will have the reach and size advantage. If both guys do not practice martial arts, the taller & bigger guy will most likely have a harder punch and as well he´ll be stronger due to his size.

Another good example for professional fights: Mike Tyson, is not necessarily short, but a bit short for a heavyweight Boxer, yet he was the youngest boxing champion. Or checkout Fedor Emilianenko aka “The Last Emperor” or the baddest man alive, he fought several oponents taller, heavier and bigger than him.

What about Sports like Basketball?

Yes height matters in sports, if it matters to you. I know you can debate a lot whether height matters in Sports, but in my opinion it depends on the sport and how skilled you are. Infact, you can make your (short) height an advantage in several sports. If you think you are to short to play basketball, than look at Muggsy Bogues or some other short athletes. If you are shorter than the average athlete in your sport, make your height an advantage.

To be honest it never did matter to me in sports, as I was quite good in the sports I participated in (Kickboxing, Soccer, I am also pretty good in Table Tennis and Basketball).

What is considered short for a Man?

As you can see from the below table, the average height of a non hispanic white american is 5´ft 10in while the average height for a vietnamese or bolivian is 5´ft 3in. So it highly depends where you live, while you might be considered short at 5´ft 6in in the US, you will be perceived as tall in Bolivia or in another country.

What is considered short for a male in the United states: Average height chart
Average height chart Bolivia
Average Height Vietnam for male and female

You can check out the full list here

So there you have it, you might not be even short if you move to another country. That is not the best solution to deal with your height insecurity, but depending on your situation, you might want to consider it. Different things work for different people.

How to not care about your height?

When you are short, it is almost impossible to not care about your height. Especially if you get reminded about it everytime. I am not able to not care about my height. But there is a difference between being aware of your height and being insecure about your height. Also the older I get, the less I care about my size. So one day it will become completely irrelevant I guess.

There are a few things you can do though:

  • Look the best you can, hit the gym, make sure your hygiene is perfect and dress nice (we will cover these topics in the future as well, so stay tuned)
  • Stop being a pussy, grow some balls and make the best out of your life even though you are short and whatever your issue is.
  • Have big goals in life and work on them consistently!


My short fellow friends, the conclusion is: Don´t use height as an excuse not to start a specific sport or not approaching women.

Just to recap yes height matters, but no matter what your situation is, you always have one of these 3 choices, when it comes to things that are out of your control (height for example):

  1. The worst choice you can make: Seeing everything negative, being bitchy and a cry baby about your situation. Blaming other people or even a high power.
  2. The better choice: Ignore it! Yes I know, it is not optimal but still better than being negative.
  3. The best choice: Embrace and acknowledge your situation, than make it to your strength! Make the best out of it. It is far more difficult than the other options, but guess what, you will thank me later.

“Let Confidence Be Your Height!”

So, what do you think, does height matter? And if yes, how did it affect your life and which areas of life?


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