Height Conversion Centimeters to Feet and Inches

In my articles I sometimes refer to cm and meter, but other times I refer to feet and inches when talking about height or any other measurements. However I try always to include both feet + inches and cm or vice versa. If I forget to do that you might refer to the conversion chart chart below.

That is why I have put up here a height conversion chart, in case some of you have trouble with finding how tall is 172cm in feet and inches or if you want to know how tall you are in cm and vice versa. You can check out the below height chart and see what´s your height. So you are able to easily convert for example 170 cm to feet and inches or only inches.

This height chart covers  most people´s height.
It does not contain a conversion from meter to centimetre because it is extremely easy to do so: 1m is 100cm.

I am 5´1.5 or 156cm Tall (short).  156cm is 1m 56cm or 156 cm is 5 feet and 1.5 inches

Similar height to the following celebrities:

Kevin Hart (5 feet 2 inches which is 157 cm ) source

Prince (5´2 which is 157 in cm) source

Angus Young ( 5´2) source

Hector Sandoval ( 157cm = 5´2 ) source

John Lineker  (5´3) source

Height Conversion Chart

5’0” 60in 152.40cm
5’1” 61in 154.94cm
5’2” 62in 157.48cm
5’3” 63in 160.02cm
5’4” 64in 162.56cm
5’5” 65in 165.10cm
5’6” 66in 167.74cm
5’7” 67in 170.18cm
5’8” 68in 172.72cm
5’9” 69in 175.26cm
5’10” 70in 177.80cm
5’11” 71in 180.34cm
6’0” 72in 182.88cm
6’1” 73in 185.45cm
6’2” 74in 187.96cm

Thanks to the chart it is easy to convert your height to the measurements you use in your country.

Some interesting facts about height:

Tallest People in the World and Shortest People in the World

Tallest Men in the World

Tallest living man Sultan Kösen

Tallest Living Man

Leonid Stadnyk from Ukraine is believed to be former  tallest man. Even though he refused to measure his height which was apparently 8´5 (2.57m). He died in 2014 at age 44 (source)

The tallest living man is Sultan Kösen at 251cm (2.51m or 8´3)
from Turkey. He holds the current Guinness World Record for tallest living male. (source)

The tallest man in history is Robert Wadlow with a height of 2.72m (8´11) he is the confirmed tallest human being ever in history. He died at the age of 22 in 1940. (source)

Shortest Men in the World

Shortest man in History was Chandra Bahadur Dangi with an official height of 54.6cm (21.5 in) confirmed by Guinness World Records. He was not only the shortest man, but also the shortest person. He died in 2015 at age of 76 (source)

The shortest living person is Junrey Balawing from the Philippines standing at 59.93cm (1ft 12in) (source)

Shortest Women in the World

Shortest woman in history is Pauline Musters from the Netherlands with a height of 58cm (23in) she is the shortest woman ever. (source)

The shortest living woman is Jyoti Amge from India standing 62.8cm (24.7in) (source)

Here you find a height chart by filtered by country here
The Tallest People are from Netherlands (average)
The Shortest People are from Indonesia (average)

So, what is your height and to which country would you belong according to your height? I am going to Indonesia 😀

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