Alpha Guide to Malta & Maltese Women: This is What You Have to Know

The Ultimate Guide to Malta & Maltese Women! No BS!

The Mediterranen Island in Europe is a famous holiday destination for whole europe and a popular spot for brazilians and colombians to study english (also for others but mainly those two)

I lived here for almost 3 years, I am sure I can provide a good detailed guide about this island and the of course the Maltese women.

Let´s start with Malta first and then we head over to the girls.

Maltese Flag

What you should know about Malta!

What I like about Malta

  1. Very International

Here in Malta you have people not only from all of Europe like Spain, France, Sweden, Germany but also from all over the World like Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, USA, Russia, Ukraine. I even matched a girl from Jordan on Tinder (unfortunately she had to leave and we could not meet). 
This means, you can get laid with girls from all over the world on this tiny little island. English is second language and basically every maltese speaks english.

  • Free Healthcare System

If you work and pay Social Contribution you are entitled to get free Healthcare. Usually the companies here in Malta pay for private Healthcare, because public healthcare is tied to long waiting hours. Private Healthcare is quite good and reasonably priced as well. I am talkin mainly about the Saint James Hospital in Sliema.

  • Everything is close by

If you live in the popular areas Valletta, Gzira, Sliema, Saint Julians or Bugibba, everything will be close to you. Doctors, Shops and even the Ocean will be always in walking distance. I lived 10 min walk from the ocean. Since this island is so small, there is also no need for a car, everything is reachable by bus or ferry.

  • Easy to find a job and good expat community

The island has plenty of jobs to offer in toursim, iGaming and finance. If you are a german, swedish, finnish or danish speaker you won´t have any trouble to find a job in iGaming. If you have good IT skills, same thing.

What I don´t like about Malta

  1. The weather

Yes, you read it right, I don´t like the weather in Malta. The winter is not cold but very ugly and nasty. Windy and humid. If you ever experience the winter in Malta, you will notice an unpleasent but fun fact: It is colder inside your apartment than outside. It goes rarely below 10 degree, yet it is cold AF. There is no central heating. Ok, you have a summer there, BUT in July in August it is unbearably hot.

  • Easy to make friends, easier to lose them

It is very easy to meet new people and make friends, however, it is even easier to lose them due tot he fact, they are going back to their countries or elsewhere. Only a few people stay in Malta for the long term. If you are saying now, well I would make maltese friends, than you are totally wrong. I have not a single maltese friend, neither any of my friends or someone I know have maltese buddies. They are very closed to foreigners. Probably because they know, foreigners will leave at one point anyway.

  • The prices are going up like crazy

For everything, from groceries to Rent, the prices are going up up up. Since 2016 when I arrived the prices are rising crazy. In 2016 I spent 180€ on food, in 2019 I am spending 350€, almost double. Don´t get me going on rent. The only thing that is cheap in Malta is their wine.

  • The Island is just too small.

It has it perks being a small Island, like being a small guy. However, after a while it gets boring and you see the same people everyday, especially in winter when there are less tourists. So if you are approaching girls during the day, you will see them again. The island is super small, also because live is happening only in the areas I mentioned above.

  • Public Transportion (busses)

Public Transportion in Malta is poor. The bus fare in Winter cost 1.5€ in summer 2€, which you can use for 2 hours on unlimited busses. But the busses are always full (especially in summer), which means they will pass without stopping. Very unreliable if you have to be at a certain time at work or wherever.

Top 10 Malta Interesting Facts

  1. Malta is a spot for many movie scenes like Game of Thrones, American Assasin, Popeye and many many more. (Here is the complete list:
  2. Malta is very small island and has a small population of less than half a million people
  3. The famous Azure Window in Gozo was a big tourist attraction but collapsed due to a storm in 2017
  4. The name of the country derived from a Greek word, which means „Honey“. That´s why there are a lot of honeys 😉
  5. It was a British colony for over 150 years. This might be the reason why english is spoken basically by everyone.
  6. Napoleon Bonaparte captured Malta on his way to Egypt.
  7. It is one of the world´s smallest and also most densely populated countries.
  8. Malta has no real forrests or rivers.
  9. The maltese Island has 365 churches, you will see a church in almost every corner. I am not religious so this is not a very interesting fact for me.

Cost of Living in Malta

I will write my cost of Living and to tell you the truth, it is that cheap for most people as I was lucky with the Apartment (even though it was not a luxury apartment, far from it actually).

Those numbers are as of June 2019 and it is cost per month for a single guy.

So here are my exact monthly cost

Fix Costs

1 bedroom apartment in Gzira: 370€

(as I said, I was lucky, usually a 1 bedroom in Gzira/Sliema apartment costs around 600-700€ per month.) So rent will be your biggest expense if you want to live alone in a 1 bedroom apartment. If you are going to share a 2 bedroom apartment you can calculate around 450€ per month for a bedroom.

Water + electricity: 20€

Internet: 30€

Gym: 35€

Variable Costs

Cleaning utilities etc: 40€

Food including eating out: 360€

(I cooked a lot myself and was eating out around 1x per day)

Fun, dates, party: 180€

Food and party cost were of course very variable. But the other costs were fix costs.

It makes a total of 1035€ cost of living per month for a single guy in Malta, you can add arond 300-500€ if you go out a lot and are only eating out. Also it depends on the rent how much you pay.

You can live comfortable in Malta and the average salary for a foreigner working in iGaming (starting position in support) is around 1500€ net. Social and Income tax is quite fair here with around 25% in total off your salary.

Malta Airbnb

If you are coming short term to Malta, I would not recommend staying in a hotel, but rather get an airbnb place, it should not cost too much unless you pick a penthouse with seaview, here is a link, which gets you 23€ discount: Here

Best time to visit Malta

The best time to visit Malta is in june and September/October, because during July and August it gets extremely hot and there are a lot of tourist. The Buses, beaches and cafes are packed. Buses will pass you because there is no space (because people are stupid and don´t move back)

However, if you like heat, come in July or August.

Interesting Things to Do when in Malta

When you are in Malta, check out the following places:

Blue Grotto




Old Capital of Mdina

Barraka Gardens

Fort St. Elmo

Marsaxlokk on sundays

Popeye Village

Festivals in Malta

There are a lot of festivals every year in Malta, just google some of them to get more information, as it would take too long to write about them

The best Festivals and Events in Malta

Isle of MTV

Lost & Found

Earth Garden Festival


Village Festas

How safe is Malta?

Malta is probably the safest country I have ever been to. I have never experienced any crime or something like that. I am not saying it does not exist, but I just never experienced it. There was no violence and I also did not feel unsafe at any given time of the day and night. So it is super safe. People even leave their backpacks in bars unattended and nothing happens. Pick pocketing does exist, but is very rare.

Maltese Women & Dating in Malta

Ok, now let´s talk about the most interesting part in this article. The maltese girls or the girls in Malta in general. This is why you came here right?

Maltese Girls Looks & Attractiveness

Attractivness of local girls: 7/10

Face: 8/10 Skin & Hygiene: 6/10 body: 9/10 charm: 7/10

Are girls in Malta hot? Are maltese women beautiful?

Average height of maltese girls is around 5´3 so they are sweet and short.

They look like a mix of italian and arabic girls. Most of them have black hair and brown eyes, some of them even look like colombianas, because they have nice big boobs and big titties. Even the young  girls are developing quite curvy bodies at 14 or 15 years. I wouldn´t say I saw a lot of chubby girls but of course there were plenty. Infact, Maltese people are one of the fattest in europe.

If we talk about Girls in Malta or maltese women, it is a slightly different thing, as I wrote Malta is international and there are tons of girls from other countries.

What I don´t like about Maltese Girls

So there aaaalooot of hot girls in Malta from all over the world, the maltese girls themself don´t look bad and their personality is very friendly. However, they are acting like little princesses as they were the hottest women on earth. What I hate the most about them (and that is a very personal thing) is the accent. I really really find it unattractive, but again that is my personal issue. Some guys will probably find it even cute.

How easy is it to get laid in Malta?

Easiness of getting laid: 7/10

It is very easy to get laid in Malta, because there are plenty of tourists. Maltese girls are super horny as well if you are their type. There are girls for any type of guy. If you don´t like maltese women, go and get some tourists or english students from Brazil or Russia, I also met some girls from Belarus and Ukraine. And of course, there are a lot of Italians.

Can short guys get laid in Malta?

Yes, the good thing, maltese girls are on the shorter side as well and the maltese girl I hooked up with is tall (5´7). There are also a lot of south american girls who are on the shorter side as well. So short guys should not have huge problems getting laid in Malta. Even old guys or guys of any race can get laid here.

Day Game

The best spots to talk to women during the day are Valletta, because there are lot of tourists and women walking around alone. The other two spots are Sliema Strand and Spinola bay as there too, many girls passing by alone waiting for a handsome guy to talk to them. Maltese women are very approachable.

Online Dating in Malta

Your best bet for Online Dating is Tinder, this is the one and only app I would use on the maltese Island. Not enough girls in Lovoo, very low quality girls on badoo. There are no free dating sites in Malta, so the only dating sites in Malta worth to use as I wrote is Tinder, which is an dating app not a site!

Where to go on first Date?

I always went with the girls to a close by location, usually a bar or a restaurant. I really liked Black & Gold, which was only 10min away from my place. So I don´t want to give you some recommendations, because you should always chose something not far away from you if you want to pull the girl home at the same night.

Malta Nightlife

Malta´s nightlife is centered only in Saint julians, in Paceville (Patsheville), there you find a lot of nice talent. Bars and clubs are without any entry fee so you can hop around as you like. They also don´t have any dress code or something like that.

Bars and clubs worth to be checked out

Footlose: Most student´s here Mixed music and one of the best places during the week. Ok Male to Female Ratio

Havana: A lot of maltese there and girls who are into black guys. Music is nice. Not a good Male to Female Ratio

Hugo´s: this is next to Havana and a much smaller and packed place but I like it more than Havana. Not a very good Male to Female Ratio

Cube: As the name suggests, it is just a cube with a bar, here you will find a lot students from the language schools partying together, lots of latinas, italians and spanish. In my opinion it has the best Female to Male ratio, probably 1:1. Good music and cheap booze.

Native: Latino Bar with lots of Latinas but has a very bad Male to Female Ratio.

Other Bars

There are some others, but I won´t list them all. I am more into Latin and RnB Music so I was not too much in techno clubs and can´t provide much info on that.

The crowed in Paceville is more on the younger side, many underage girls there but you can find basically women of any age there. However keep in mind most are very young.

Besides Paceville, Gianpula village opens in summer, but I did not like it very much, I had to go there with taxi and there mainly maltese people so it is more like cliuqy place.


So is Malta worth your visit?

In my opinion it is nice as a holiday destination, it is also much better to live in Malta than in Germany. But the weather is what I hated the most, in Summer too hot in winter too nasty. It is worth a visit though, just for holiday. The Maltese Girls are friendly and approachable, not so easy to lay but there are plenty of tourists and girls looking for a hook up, or at least don´t mind to hook up. There is quite a lot of competition but still even me as a 5´1 short guy I was able to get laid around once a month (just online and very few approaches during the day). I managed to capture some flags I did not have before.

Malta Pictures

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