90 Days NoFap Challenge and NoFap Benefits – My Journey

This is my Nofap Journey, a 90 day NoFap challenge.

Can I really make it? No masturbation and porn for 90 days?

As far as I can remember I was never able to not masturbate for more than maximum 5-6 days. And now, I am attempting 90 days. Really?
Shit yeah I am going to do that, my mind will have to be stronger than my body and everything else.

But why am I doing it at all? Well I read so many benefits of not masturbating to porn or not masturbating at all, not even to your pervert fantasies. Not even to my own made Sex Videos! So I decided I will give it a try.

After reading all those great stories of NoFap, I have to test it and see for myself. I will be happy to experience a couple of the benefits reported by other nofapsters.

What Are The Most Common NoFap Benefits?

NoFap Benefits

Here I am going to list the most common benefits of abstaining from masturbation a.k.a fapping, reported by a lot of people. Obviously the benefits vary from person to person.

  1. Mental Clarity
  3. Better Sleep Quality
  4. Increase In Testosterone
  5. Better Perfomance In The GYM
  6. More Motivation
  7. Deeper Voice
  8. Increased Confidence
  9. Increased Happiness
  10. Better Sex, Better Stamina, Last Longer
  11. More Intense Orgasms
  12. Bigger Balls and Penis
  13. Better Skin
  14. Music Sounds Better
  15. Less Depression
  16. Hair Growth
  17. Less Social Anxiety And Anxiety In General
  18. Vivid Dreams

Sounds like a magic pill, right? Just quit jerking off and your life becomes so much better. I admit that the benefits sound amazing and a bit unbeliveable.

That is why I am going to test it and report atleast weekly, if i notice any changes.

So just to make it clear, I am not quitting PM and O, which means to quit Porn, Masturbation, Orgasm. I just quit masturbating and Porn, I will have Sex though which hopefully result in some nice orgasms!

No Fap Challenge and No Fap Benefits

My Journey

Start date: 31st December 2018 until AT LEAST 31st March

Day 1-3: Well, easy I managed to not masturbate and did not have a huge urge.

Day 4-5: The urge to masturbate or have sex are getting bigger, I have morning boners again, which I didn´t have for a long time.

Day 6: Met an Italian girl from badoo, 26yo 5´6 tall, she was wearing high heels so she was a lot taller than me. We met directly at my place, she brought some pizza, I bought some wine for her ( I don´t drink though). After talking for a few hours, I started to kiss her and we get it on, she has a nice slim body but it is so f#*cking cold in my appartment. I drag her to the bedroom and we continue there. Unfortunately it was still to cold and I couldn´t enjoy the sex. She did cum, but I didn´t. Damn

Day 7-11: Running around with big balls, still managed to not jerk off. Not sure but I feel like I am a bit more productive at work AND I wake up being happy. I also don´t hit the snooze button anymore!

Day 12: Met up with a hot colombiana, which I meet from time to time. Finally I was able to empty my balls. The Sex and especially the orgasm was way better than usual, so benefits number 10 and 11 from the above list can be ticked.

Day 13-18: Trying to concentrate on work, so far it is ok. Have not relapsed and not planning to do so. But on day 17 and 18 I am feeling my balls are getting bigger.
What I noticed is, my nails look like I had a manicure (I swear I didn´t have one), they look very polished and healthy

My Overall happines is pretty good at the moment.

I also got a compliment from a friend, I had not seen for 4 months. He said I look fresher (healthier) than usual.

Day 19: Super hard to focus, as all I can think of is SEX. Cannot get a lot of work done, because I am extremely horny. My gym sessions are very good though, and after gym, I feel much less the need to masturbate or have sex.

Day 20-22: Not going to lie, it is getting harder and harder, but I still have not relapsed and I think I will make it until the 31st of March. As soon I will have more time, I will focus less on Online Dating and start approaching girls during the day.

My big problem is, that since I am so horny all the time, I text girls I would normally not find super attractive.

Day 23: Met with my colombiana, I think otherwise my balls would explode. I noticed, that days 5-7 are the hardest.

A kind of weird thing happened, another friend I have not seen for almost 6 months, said the same as my other friend a few weeks ago. Weird, that he used the same words “you look fresher than usually” exactly the same words.

Day 24-31: Ok, I did not have sex for more than 7 days and I do not feel like I am exploding like last week. So I guess it is getting better now. I am still horny though.

I have sent some voice mails via whatsapp, then I checked them and I noticed (I am not sure though) But I think my voice got a tiny bit deeper. Again not 100% sure about that, even though I listend to it a million times and compared it with voice messages I have sent last year.

1 Month NoFap The Benefits

Here we go, what are the benefits of having not jerked of for a whole month?

Day 32: Officially made it more than a month without masturbation. It is the longest time without masturbating as far as I can remember.

So here is what I noticed so far – My NoFap Experience & Beneifts after 1 Month

  • My Nails look a lot healthier like I had a manicure and polished them
  • 2 of my friends said I look fresher and healthier
  • Better perfomance at the gym and faster recovery
  • In the beginning I had more focus, but now I am thinking too much about Sex, so my focus benefits are not as I expected
  • I think my voice got a bit deeper (cannot say 100% for sure)

I will write an update by the end of February..


Month 2 of 90 Days NoFap Challenge

I was so proud, it was when I made it without porn for over a month. It was the longest time without porn and masturbation.

You will not believe me, but at this point, I really felt, I can do this forever. I felt great and confident

But then it happened…

My NoFap relapse

Day 33-42: Sh!t, fuxxxxkkk. It happend guys. I was so busy with work, I just had to relax somehow, so yeah I thought why not just have a small and quick fap you know. But then it became a big one and I have masturbated like almost everyday for the next 9 days.

There is one cool thing that happened to me when I relapsed.

I had an extreme intense orgasm which lasted around 4-5 seconds, but I did not ejaculate.

How did I do that?

Well, I cannot remember for sure, but I remember I tried to squeeze my penis to prevent anything leaking out and at the same time I squeezed my butt muscles together. The orgasm felt amazing.

After researching it I found out this phenomen is called “injaculation”

You can read more about it here

It is still not clear whether it is good for you or not. That is why I am unsure if I should explore that further

Day 43-60: I continued to fap only once a week. The good thing, now I clearly saw, what benefits I had when I was 100% on NoFap.

What is a flatline in NoFap and is it different than a relapse?

Flatline is basically a state of mind, where you feel very low energy and lack of motivation. Most of the time it is the point, where you break and give in to your habit of masturbation.

You can overcome it by shifting your mind to other things like exercising or hitting on girls outside, going out with friends etc.

This is another mistake I made. I spent too much time working from my computer at home, so it was to easy to have a quick release.

Here is what I noticed:

My personal NoFap Benefits after 45 Days

NoFap Benefits clear eyes and skin

So after relapsing on day 33-42, I was doing NoFap for 2 more weeks before I relapsed again. Those were the things that clearly stood out to me. Again, it will vary from person to person what benefits and even if you notice any. I guess the more you masturbated in the past, the heavier the benefits will be. Here the complete list after 45 days

  • My eyes were whiter and brighter when I was on NoFap, my eyes stood out clearly. (Like in the pic above)
  • Skin looked fresher
  • I had more enegery and more time. Now I see how time consuming fapping is. You lose at least 1 hour per fap.
  • Gym performance was definitely better while on Nofap
  • My nails looked polished (super healthy), now they look a bit worse but not as bad as before I started nofap.
  • Intense orgasms when I relapsed + I was able to do an “injaculation”

I will update on Month 3 here in case I notice more things that are worth to be mentioned.

One thing is sure though, I will definitely start a new NoFap Journey very soon and hit at the very minimum 90 days.

The Best Way To Start NoFap

There are two ways to start a NoFap Challenge:

First method is going Cold Turkey, which means you stop from now on until 90 days are over (or whatever timeframe you have set). This is the method I used, I just stopped it. But as you see I only made it to 32 days.

Second method and this is the one I will implement the next time.

Just decrease the amount you masturbate gradually. You decide how fast or slow you decrease the amount you masturbate. Then as soon as you notice you can do without masturbation for more than 14 days, start the challenge.

However, how you start is completely up to you. But I strongly recommend the second option.

Why is NoFap so hard?

If you withdraw masturbation from your life, you withdraw dopamine (happines) for your brain. It is very similiar to any other withdrawal from drugs. This is the main reason, why it is very hard to stop masturbating.

Here are my tips to help you not to relapse while you are on NoFap

  1. Get yourself busy with something, but do not make the mistake and get too busy. Otherwise you will have the same issue as I had. You will fap just to get a quick relief. Start a new hobby like learning a martial art
  2. Have a reason why you want to do Nofap. Is it because of the benefits? It is better if you have a big goal in life you want to achieve, where NoFap might be able to help you.
  3. Set a start and end time.
  4. Block all adult sites. Here you have a how to guide.
  5. Keep a journey ( I will be honest, if I didn´t have this journey, I would not make it past 10 days I guess. And/or find like minded people who are on the same mission. Here is the NoFap Forum
  6. Have a plan, what to do if you hit the “flatline” your lowest point, before relapsing. For example, if you have the urge to fap, go to gym or take a cold shower or go out with a friend…
  7. Block all the things that make you think of masturbating (if possible)
  8. Try to get some or at least 1 FWB (friend with benefit, fuckbuddy), it will make it a lot easier.

What shall I do if I am not able to do NoFap?

The easiest thing you can do is, take Zinc and Potassium supplements. You lose both of the minerals when ejaculating. (source)

I take both supplements even when I was on nofap. Lack of Zinc in your body can cause depression. This is the reason many guys start nofap, they want to kill their depression.

And this is actually how nofap helps with depression, it gets you back your important minerals!

It is another reason, why people who start to eat healthy report their depression vanished (or at least got better).

I also recommend to take vitamin C, but natural vitamin C, not ascorbic acid synthetic BS. Try Acerola

Additionally you should try to reduce your fapping gradually, as I wrote above.

NoFap and Height

Does NoFap help with height or give me growth boost? If your growth plates are closed, NoFap will not give a your height a growth boost and it is very unlikely that if you don´t masturbate, that you get taller than you would if you did masturbate, even if you are in your teens.

However, as I wrote above, when you orgasm, you lose a lot of Zinc. Your body needs Zinc in order to grow. So if I were in my teens, I would reduce my fapping to maybe once a month or once every two weeks.

If you can´t, take supplements. I cannot stress out enough how important Zinc is.


Whether or not you want to start a NoFap journey or not is up to you. I can say it was worth it for me, even though I could make it up to 32 days and not 90 days. I experienced the power of NoFap.

And I will certainly try again another time to make it up to 90 days and maybe even beyond that, to see if there are more benefits from abstaining longer than 30 days from masturbation.

I really hope you have enjoyed my journey and make sure to share it and comment below, if you have anything to add or any questions. I am happy to talk to like minded people.

Edit 6th June: I still have not started a new challenge, but I am masturbating a lot less than I used to. Going to start a new challenge from July

Update: I started a new NoFap Challenge on the 14th of July 2019. This time I am sure I will make it. Won´t masturbate but get plenty of sex in August, as I am going to travel.

Will post an update here on the 14th of August.

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