33 Successful and Famous Short People Made It Big

I hate when people complain about not being successful because lack of height, because they are black or because they are females. Or any other excuse you can think of.

U.S had a black President. In Germany we have a female Chancellor (unfortunately)

Yes being a shorter guy is not ideal and of course everyone wants to be the tall good looking alpha man. Even some studies (I hate those studies too) proved that short men earn less and are less attractive to hot women than taller men (wow what news)

But the following list of extreme successful and world famous short people will show that it doesn´t matter if you are black, short, a female or whatever disadvantage you think you might have that stops you from being successful.

You can be successful in any field of live!

Successful and Famous Short People

From actors, musicians, fighters to leaders and business people. Some People on this list are more famous than others, but all of them achieved success in their own field. Here they are the cool, successful short men and women.

Short famous People from all Areas!

Short Actors/Entertainers

Kevin Hart 5´2 (157cm)

I really like Kevin Hart, he is my height, has an alpha body and most importantly, he is funny as hell. Check out his Instagram (here) you will see he is in perfect shape. All his movies are amazing. No wonder he won some grammies. I love Soul Plane (must watch). He is a cool guy with style and is in a relationship with his super hot Girlfriend Eniko Parrish 5´7 (170) she is around 12cm taller than him. She is HOT!

Daniel Radcliffe 5´5 (165cm)

He is Harry Potter. Do I have to say more?

Michael J Fox 5´4 (163)

Known for “Back to the Future” character Marty McFly, but also well known for some other great roles like “The Good Wife”. Here we have another successful actor who is short but famous and plays cool roles.

Peter Dinklage Height

Peter Dinklage 4´5 (135cm)

Everyone knows Peter Dinklage latest after watching Game of Thrones where he plays Tyrion Lannister.This guy proves no matter how short you are, you can get famous, rich and a nice genuine wife, Erica Schmidt 5´6 (168cm). They are married since 2005. He achieved that despite having dwarfism. If a guy with such a condition can do it, everyone who has been a dealt a better hand should be able to achieve his goals.

Scott Caan 5´5 (165cm)

In my opinion one of the most underrated actor. Hawaii-O-Five Star Scott Caan played Manager “Scott Lavin” in the series “Entourage”

Kevin Connolly 5´5 (165)

Kevin Connolly height

Another Star from the series “Entourage” and I think Kevin Connolly is underrated like Scott Caan they should have more roles. The 41 year old Kevin had by the way very hot tall girlfriends like Sabina Gadecki 5´8 (174cm) and Sophie Monk (5´7)

Short Actresses

Kristen Bell 5´1 (155cm)

She is hot and is a very good and short actress with only 5´1 in height

Salma Hayek 5´2 (157cm)

Same goes for Salma, short and hot, even though she is already a bit older she´s still a good looking Latina.

Short Singers/Songwriters Musicians

Prince height

Prince 5´2 (157cm)

Prince might be the shortest sex symbol of all time. He dated hot women like Carmen Electra. Besides being a playboy he was a great singer and producer, with purple rain and my favorite Prince Song “Kiss” he rocked it. RIP

Paul Simon 5´2 (157cm)

Old but gold. Great musician, songwriter and winner of 12 Grammy Awards.

Bruno Mars 5´5 (165cm)

considered as one of the greatest singers nowadays. I admit he is a very good singer.

Omarion 5´6 (167cm)

Great RnB Singer, talented dancer and actor. He is also known to be a Playboy

Lil Wayne 5´5 (164cm)

Ariana Grande height

The 35 year old Rapper is not your average pretty boy but he has cool style and an alpha body He dated some hot adult models and some very hot singers like Chrisitna Milan

Ariana Grande 5´1 (155cm)

She is a hot singer with a beautiful face and a sexy body. Oh yeah and what a nice voice.

Shakira 5´2 (156cm)

The Colombian beauty with an amazing voice. Hot and short singer, she is only  5´2 but her voice is a giant. Can you believe she is over 40 already. One of the advantages of being short, to look younger than you are?

Short(est) MMA Fighters

Hector Sandoval  5´2 (157cm)

Probably the shortest fighter in the UFC. Currently competing in Flyweight Division. He is in Urijah Fabers Team Alpha Male

John Lineker 5´3 (159cm).

One of the toughest fighters in my opinion. He is not afraid of taking a punch and his fights are always entertaining. He is fighting in Bantamweight Division and is the shortest fighter there. His Nickname is “Hands of Stone” because his punches are so heavy, he proves that even being not tall you can have such massive powerful punches.

Below are some John Lineker highlights


Demetrious Johnson 5´3 (160cm)

Current Flyweight Champion, with a pretty nice record of 27 wins and only 2 losses

Urijah Faber 5´6 (166cm)Urijah Faber height

a Legend in the UFC. Also often Coaching in the “Ultimate Fighter Series”. Urijah is a great guy and an outstanding athlete. He also been a champion in Bantamweight. He is the founder of “Team Alpha Male”. How can I not include him in this list.

Viviane Pereira 5´0 (152cm)

I am not a big fan of women fighting, but wanted include her here, for the feminists (just kidding).

Other Short Athletes

Shortest Boxer in the world: Jacob Matlala aka “Baby Jake” with a height of 4´10” (147cm). He was the shortest Boxer of all time ending his career with 4 world championships.

Shortest NFL Player: Trindon Holliday 5´5 (165cm)

Shortest NBA Player: Tyrone Bogues aka Muggsy Bogues 5´3 (160cm). He is a Legend! Here is a great Interview with him. According to Muggsy Bogues, he can even DUNK a basketball.

Shortest NHL Player in History: Roy Worters 5´3 (160cm)

Shortest MBL Player: José Altuve 5´6 (167cm)

Successful and short people in Business, Politics and History

Kate Moss 5´6 (167)

Not really short for a woman, but probably the most famous and shortest female runway model.

Jordan Belfort 5´7 (170cm)Jordan Belfort Height

The real life “Wolf of Wall Street” Yes the movie with the same name is based on his life

Jack Ma 5´5 (165cm)

Alibaba founder and richest man in China. He is worth over $40 Billion

Yuri Gagarin 5´2 (157cm)

He is not only the first human being to enter outer space, but he also was awarded with plenty of medals and was a very famous celebrity in soviet Russia and still is.

James Madison 5´4 (163cm)

The 4th and shortest president of the United States. He contributed to the constitution Bill of Rights and served for 8 years.

Ghengis Khan 5´1 (155cm)

The brutal, famous and first Khan of the Mongolian Empire. Not only that he is around my height, but I find the best part of Ghengis Khan is the fact that he had 1000 – 2000 children. Yes you read it right, he is the 1st ranked male with the most children of all time. He had a harem full of women (around 500 second wives).

Vladimir Putin 5´6 (168cm)Vladimir Putin height

Russia´s President and leader Putin is considered the most powerful man in the world, according to forbes . The only Alpha Male President nowadays

Dmitry Medvedev 5´4 (163cm)

Russian Prime Minister and former President Medvedev is only 163cm in height. However, in most pictures with Putin he appears to be the same height, sometimes even taller than Putin. Is he wearing height increasing Shoes?

Ok, so there you have it famous short people from 4´5 and up.

Conclusion on Famous Short People all around the World

Do you still think you are not successful because of your height?

Then read this “short” list above again and think again, are you unsuccessful because of your height (or any other disadvantage you might have). Think, think deeply, meditate, do whatever it takes to realize that it is not your lack of height stopping you from achieving your goals, success or whatever.

And this list is just a small sample. There are thousand more people who are famous, successful, cool…. And are short, have disabilities.

Why did you not include Napeoleon Bonaparte? Simple. Napoleon was 5´6 and this was around average height at the time he lived. So he was not short contrary to what most people belief. While on the other hand, Genghis Khan with his 5´1 was short even for the time he lived in.

Let me know in the comment which one of those short famous guys  and girls you like the most from the above list and also which you would include in this list!

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